Brentwoodian 2022

part of the money she earns from teaching, to support the Ukrainian army, which fights so heroically for its independence and freedom. Meanwhile, the war continues and is not over yet, so the two women decide to find a way out of such a difficult situation. It is not known what the future of education will be. Ukraine is turning into a ruin, a country without prospects in the coming years. After long discussions and a great deal of thought, the girls decide to apply for visas to Great Britain. The country has incredible culture, traditions and people. They always dreamed of getting there, but they never imagined that it could happen under such circumstances. The process of obtaining a visa turned out to be very difficult and long; the girls waited for four months for their permits to enter the territory of Great Britain. Finally, this day has come and they are already on their way to the incredibly kind people who were helping them. 18th October, in the United Kingdom: Mother and her daughter arrived to their host family. This is their first time in England. The small town in Essex in which they settled is very beautiful, the classic English architecture is charming and comforting. The girls are not yet familiar with many people, but everywhere there are people who are open to communication; they will be happy to help, suggest anything and give a big smile. They have just begun to get to know this new country and there is still so much more waiting for them; many adventures, unforgettable moments and meetings with interesting people. Absolutely anyone can get into such a situation, leave their home, not knowing when they will return to it. Some Ukrainians have nowhere to return at all. It is very difficult to realise that the destinies of millions of people depend on one person. Many may think that only heroes can find a way out of such a difficult period, but these two women turn out to be Ukrainians named Ruslana and her daughter Uliana. By Uliana Zinchenko 40