Brentwoodian 2022

When joining Brentwood I wanted to take every possible opportunity to perform, work amongst a team of innovative young minds and be inspired by other performers. Fortunately this was achieved right from the start of my Sixth Form journey, through the 2021 Senior Play. The Production was of Werternbaker’s Our Country’s Good (1988) which documented the journey of convicts and Royal Marines who were sent to Australia as part of the first penal colony there in the 18th century. A story of comedy, heartbreak, suffering and complicated love affairs was truly a challenge to capture as a performer. I’d say the biggest challenge of the entire performance was the text itself; it contained extremely complex Old English text and phrases as well as lengthy duologues and monologues. It was such an amazing opportunity to push and challenge my acting as well as to be observant of how other students went about fulfilling a role. For example, the character of Sideway (played by Murray Peat) was an audience favourite, stealing the show (and handkerchiefs) providing the performances with a brilliant atmosphere, not to mention making every rehearsal enjoyable. This dynamic between the friendship of Dabby and Mary - two OUR COUNTRY'S GOOD 69