Brentwoodian 2022

convicts in the play - was so fulfilling to watch by both casts as Werternbaker explores this almost sisterly relationship, giving the play that heartwarming fulfilment. The two characters are polar opposites and it causes this truly beautiful friendship to unfold. Dabby’s audacious and bold character was perfectly exhibited by Charlotte Davey and Rhea Mehta, and not to mention strengthened the relationship with the confident and standoffish behaviour of Olivia Hiller and Emily Krutikova, Liz Mordern. One thing that was truly commendable about the performance was the display of showmanship - well portrayed through Benjamin O’Riordan continuing to persevere through rehearsing despite falling unwell mid-process, Jack Walker who played the role of Campbell the day of the show and of course Mathilde Hermosa who learnt all the lines for the role, Collins, only a few hours before call time, which was incredibly professional and executed brilliantly. The production really couldn’t go ahead if it wasn’t for the amazing, directing, coaching and imaginative vision of the directors, Mrs Hermosa and Mrs Ellis, not to forget the eye-catching set by Mr Herson. As a whole, the show was amazing to be a part of as well as such an emotional journey of a story, and I can’t wait to see/be a part of more similar productions in the near future at Brentwood School. By Martha Treston 70