Brentwoodian 2022

Being a part of Our Country’s Good was a very exciting experience. When I first found out the play we were doing I was intrigued as to what the production was like and thought it would be a good experience, but once I read the script I was looking forward to seeing how it would turn out. The play was run by Mrs Ellis and Mrs Hermosa and they made the play the spectacular show it turned out to be, making them both cry. There were many memories made in the rehearsals as well as a friendship made with the girl playing my best friend in the play. My character, Dabby, was a girl with a loud mouth, obsessed with going back to Devon who trusted in her more popular best friend, Mary (Martha Treston). We had two casts, one populated with year 11s and the other, Lower Sixth. Both casts were amazing and made the audience laugh a lot. Matilde Hermosa (Year 8), stepped in at the last minute saving the show and making a great addition to the cast. The show revolves around a play that prisoners are putting on, while in the meantime there is talk of hanging and odd love triangles between Ralph, Mary and John Wisehammer. Throughout both performance and rehearsal, the cast had great morale and overall it was such a fun show to put together. By Charlotte Davey 71