Brentwoodian 2022

any player in between her and her key objective, scoring outstanding goals. Libby McLauchlan also showcased her wonderful talent by remaining calm on the ball and using her exceptional technique to create excellent goalscoring opportunities. Izzie Sawyer worked hard behind her, redistributing the ball out of danger with her powerful passes. We were excited for Emma Dowlen to join later in the season and she displayed amazing skill, scoring a great goal in our final win at the end of the season. We could always rely on our incredible international goalkeeper, Molly Smith. She always boosted the team’s morale from the back and gave insightful feedback. Molly’s courageous attitude alongside her sturdy stance and quick reactions helped the team achieve an unbelievable goal difference of 30. Our excellent Upper Sixth Form player, Annabel Gregory, and our Lower Sixth Form players, Isobel Crichton and Sophia Brennan, never failed in defence to chase down the opposition, to tackle with eagerness to win back the ball or to create encouraging opportunities for the team to counter attack. 75