Brentwoodian 2022

It is very clear that this year’s 1st XI team was very fearless on the pitch. Sophia Brennan showed a memorable courageous attitude during the Regional Finals, never giving up despite harsh knocks to her face. Another player who never gave up after many knocks was (of course) Sophie Philpot. Sophie was as excellent as ever this season, always using her gritty determination and power to score phenomenal goals. We could always count on Eloise Squibb up front who was ready to react to any chance which could help the team triumph and she always went the extra mile in training to improve her play. Sadie Wood also played some exceptional hockey this season, always boosting the teammorale with her endless cheerfulness. Olivia Dowman was vital in setting up play across the pitch and always showed eagerness to win, especially with her excellent commitment to training sessions. Hannah Knightbridge also scored some brilliant goals this season as well as showing a passionate desire to win with her energy on the pitch. I want to thank all of the girls for allowing my final season of hockey at Brentwood School, after the past seven years, to be so memorable and fun. I wish everyone the best of luck in hockey and I am certain everyone will continue to grow as players. I would also like to say thank you to Mr Giles for his excellent coaching this season. Thank you to the whole team and coaches who have made my final year in hockey at Brentwood School so enjoyable. It has been a privilege to be the Captain of the 1st XI team. By Renée Horwitz "always boosting the team morale with her endless cheerfulness" 76