Brentwoodian 2022

Megan Collett and Jessica Kriel, managed to score 50 goals using great teamwork skills as well as hockey skills, leaving us with a goal difference of plus 34. Our first game of the season was against Bancrofts’. This was actually our first game ever together as a team, as due to Covid we were unable to play any matches during Year 7. With about a quarter of the game left, we were losing 2-3, but we didn’t stop trying and managed to come away with a 7-3 win. In our first game we had shown a huge amount of resilience and teamwork and this set the standard for the rest of the season. We played in the National Cup during Michaelmas Term, firstly playing James Allen’s Girls’ School where we gave it our all and managed to win 8-5, qualifying for Round 2 in the process. Here, we played against Bede’s School but unfortunately lost a really close and exciting game by three goals to two, narrowly missing out on Round 3. During the Lent term we beat Coopers’ School 3-0 in our first ever 11-a-side fixture. This was a great opportunity to try out new combinations and positions, and for many people it was their first time ever playing 11-a-side hockey. Every single player has improved immensely, both in terms of their hockey skills and their general game play and understanding, which has allowed us to continue to improve as a team and overcome some tough challenges. As a team, we would like to say a huge thank you to Miss Morrell and Mrs Lazenby for their coaching and support - always giving us feedback on how we can improve and being committed to our team. Without their encouragement we wouldn’t have had the great experiences and results that we had this season and we look forward with enthusiasm to the next season as Under 14’s. By Georgia Sawyer "filled with hard-fought matches, great results and enjoyable times" 81