UCL - Teaching climate change and sustainability

12 2.3.2 Education and teaching experience More than half the respondents reported a bachelor’s degree as their highest qualification (274 respondents, 52.2%) and just under half reported a masters or a doctorate as their highest qualification (219, 41.7%). The majority of respondents (325, 62.0%) reported that they entered teaching via a PGCE programme in England, and through a university-led (306, 87.2%), rather than school-led, programme. Teachers reported a wide range of years of teaching experience since completing teacher education. The largest proportion reported 1-5 years of experience (157 respondents, 30.3%), 86 reported 6-10 years (16.6%), 85 reported 11-15 years (16.4%), 64 reported 16-20 years (12.4%), and 126 reported 20+ years (24.3%). 2.3.3 Current teaching (stage and level) The most frequently reported subjects taught were geography (210 teachers, which was 41.3% of those who answered the associated questions), science (189, 37.2%), and personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) including in tutor and/or form time (179, 35.2%). Just over one third of teachers (176, 34.6% of those who answered the associated questions) taught at early years and primary level; more than two thirds (359, 70.7%) taught at secondary level and a smaller proportion (27, 5.3%) taught at both primary and secondary levels.