UCL - Teaching climate change and sustainability

39 5. Concluding remarks This research provides a new baseline of understanding about the state of climate change and sustainability education in England and opportunities for future enhancement. These findings can be used by teachers, teacher educators and organisations who support teachers in their important contribution to society’s transformation to sustainability. UCL’s Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability Education will use these findings, and further analyses from the survey data, to inform the design of a suite of teacher professional development programmes for teachers, tailored by subject and age-phase. We will work with our school network to co-develop support for sustainability leadership in schools as they develop and implement climate change action plans. Furthermore, these results will inform ongoing policy discussions, including those related to the DfE’s commitment to supporting teachers, as articulated through its Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy. Through this, we will strive towards an education system which enables our children and young people to learn for the environment and to develop capabilities and skills which enable them to contribute to a more sustainable and just future.