Brentwoodian 2022

This year the U15 netball team competed in many fixtures. As a team we have been resilient and hardworking and have won a number of very important fixtures such as the Kelsall netball tournament. The defence has worked continuously hard and has improved on working together as well as with the rest of the team. The mid court has been very strong throughout the season with many different variations of players for each position. This shows the versatility of players we have in the team. Additionally the shooters have been tenacious and consistent which has helped the team obtain goals. As a team we have been able to work together and succeed in difficult and challenging situations. Our coach, Mrs Simpson-Crick, has also been a vital asset to our team. She has helped us develop our skills and has supported us on and off the court. As well as having good outcomes in games we all feel as though we have become closer in our friendships, and have enjoyed playing with each other this year. Our friendships within the team have helped us to improve our game and made this season very rewarding for us. U15A This year the U15B netball team trained all winter and entered the season with a positive mindset. Not only did we succeed and win many of our difficult matches, but we played very hard and improved as a team. One feature of the term was when we lost half of our team (injuries and events) but still played an away match that weekend and played so well and were so determined we almost won, even with half a team. We fought many matches and worked hard for every score, for example Scarlett Johnson’s second goal which drew us that tight match against New Hall. Another example of a success was when the opposition umpire commented on Kitty Chalk’s and Holly Irwin’s incredible defence against Brighton. And when voting for a Player of the Season Mrs Roberts was swarmed with answers as we all appreciate each other as a team. Well done to Sahara Dhir who managed to win Player of the Season. We have played exceptionally well this season so well done to the entire team! The B team is massive! U15B 104