Brentwoodian 2022

game going; thank you to Shalom Likando, Mori Ashiru and Abigail Barham. One of our favourite matches was against New Hall, winning 19-13 and although it isn’t our best score, this is a game where we never gave up. We were losing 4-1 in the first quarter and we had to really work together as a team to push through and win, however we did it and we kept on going. Our highest score this season was 35-5 against St Edmund’s College, Ware, a game we were extremely proud of. We also want to say a big thank you to our coaches, Miss Helsby and Miss Parsliffe. They have made this season fun, engaging and have helped all of us grow and improve in netball. We wouldn’t have been able to get through this season without them! By Maisie Dann We have had many wins over the course of this season which we are very proud of and even if we drew or lost we grew and improved from it. Our team was very supportive of who won the Player of the Match and learnt from them as well. We played many matches, most on Saturdays, some in Games, some on other days. Overall we won all except when we drew 9-9 to Chigwell B team and lost one narrowly to the B team of Beaulieu Park School from Chelmsford. We have had so many achievements this season and I am very proud of how far our team has grown. I‘d like to congratulate our team and Captain, Leni Giles, who was an amazing team leader and netball player. We couldn’t have played any better without any player on our team, each with their special technique and ideas. The shooters to the attacking to the defending, each role as important as the other. Well done to Leni Giles and Nma Oguzie for winning the Players’ Player and Coaches’ Player. I‘d like to thank, on behalf of the team, our coaches Mrs Chapman and Miss Spriggs who gave helpful advice, U13C 108