Brentwoodian 2022

feedback helping and improving the team’s technique. Even when we lost you‘d still congratulate us and tell us we did amazingly well. Thank you for making this season so fun! By Sophia Weaver The very start of our Netball season was all about getting to know each other because some of us had never even met each other before, let alone played Netball together. We had a great start to the season winning nearly all of our matches. And that was when our first term finished. With the start of a new term we also had a new coach, Miss Parsliffe. But then suddenly Covid spread through our team which really shocked our confidence causing us to lose a couple matches. After our team was back, recovered from Covid, Miss Parsliffe spent her time teaching us how to have a positive and independent mindset. This prepared us for the challenges that lay ahead and we took her advice on board, giving it our all every session. Due to all of our hard work we made it to the Essex Cup final. U12A "spent her time teaching us how to have a positive and independent mindset" When we arrived we found out we were playing Great Baddow, having lost twice to them before! We weren’t deterred, We were determined to win the Cup. We were clearly nervous and I tried my best to calm and encourage the team.It wasn’t needed; everyone played amazingly. Our shooters were top class, our defenders defended like lions, and in the middle we had to work relentlessly. Even though it was tough, everyone wanted to win. Up until the last quarter it was neck and neck. Before 109