Brentwoodian 2022

"age doesn't matter in chess"My name is Markos and I have been playing chess since I was nine years old. My dad first introduced me to the game, CHESS U1300 CHAMPION teaching me how to move all the pieces and what they do. I then played in my first tournament a few months after. On the 28th August 2022, Brentwood School organised the first Brentwood Fide Rapid Play tournament which I and a few of my friends participated in. There were two different sections: the U1300 or the open. I chose to play in the U1300, and I played a series of six games against other players with breaks in between each of the games. There were a variety of different ages, all the way from five years old to over 50, so age doesn’t matter in chess. The overall point of the tournament is to just have fun and enjoy the day, however there were many different prizes which everyone was keen to get. I played well in the tournament and ended up winning it; it was a great achievement. I had a really fun time. I recommend everyone to join the upcoming tournaments. By Markos Mouratidis 126