Brentwoodian 2022

What an amazing season of hockey we have had! Winning 4 matches and only losing 2. Although we may have had some challenging games at the beginning of the season against Bancroft’s 1st XII team and New Hall, we bounced back and kept improving and developing as a team. We have all progressed throughout the season and have thoroughly enjoyed playing together as a team. With all the players showing great dedication, passion and commitment in matches and training. One of the highlights of this season was our last match against Bancroft’s when we won 2-1, with a winning goal as a last minute deflection scored by Savannah Morrish from a corner which was the last hit of the game. Throughout this match there was passion, commitment and high performance levels from each and every one of the players. This was the perfect way to end such an exciting season! Most importantly we want to thank Mrs Simpson-Crick for an amazing season and for being so supportive and involved with the success and progression of the team! The great team spirit and perseverance displayed by everyone carried the 3rd XI Hockey team through a challenging season. Individual and collective performances improved hugely. We were unlucky in the final minutes of the last match not to be able to hold on for a draw to end our season. Onwards and upwards next year! 2ND XI 3RD XI 77