Brentwoodian 2022

This year the Under 15A hockey team improved as a whole including friendships and gameplay. We had a promising start to the season and worked hard for our results at the end. I was particularly proud of our team winning in the Essex School cups tournament which was one of our last games leaving with a high. This year our play greatly improved for each player and we played several games. Our win against Coopers’ was a great result especially as some girls stepped up, we still managed to stay strong and win. Thank you to Mrs Simpson-Crick for all of her support and encouragement throughout a successful season. We look forward to more hockey next year! By Emilia Hardy U15A This hockey season has been challenging, yet extremely rewarding for the Under 15B team. Throughout the year the entire team has trained consistently, put in maximum effort and improved massively from the beginning of the year. From early Saturday morning matches to ones played during games sessions, every girl on the team tried their hardest and contributed greatly, both to the game, but to teammorale too; without motivational team talks and songs on the coach our opponents would have beaten us easily! This year we have been able to perform to our highest ability and grow not just as individuals, but as a team, which is all down to our amazing coach, Miss Scotland. Without her kindness, words of encouragement and determination, we never would have been as successful as we were and are extremely grateful for her contribution to our team. The Under 15B team is ready to play for the seniors and to become stronger and more skillful players… bring on the next season! By Niamh Eldridge U15B 78