Brentwoodian 2022

"we didn't stop training and we all kept practising" I think it has been a really good season for the U14As. For most of us, it was our first year playing 11-a-side, which allowed us to play with more people and get to know themwell. After last year’s season was pretty much all cancelled due to COVID, I think it was really nice to be able to play a full season of hockey with few interruptions. At the beginning, it was our first time being together as a whole team, so we did not know each other very well, but by the end we had bonded so much and I think our level of hockey was better as a result. After losing a tough first match to Bancroft’s, we soon pulled together and won an exciting friendly with Coopers’. After our first fewmatches, we had to prepare for the county tournament. The games were very short here, so it was all very quick and exciting. After losing 0-1 to Forest, we very nearly won when playing Coopers’ again, but they managed to hold it to a draw. In the weeks following, we played Forest and New Hall, and we lost 0-1 to both. By this point, we had played quite a fewmatches together as a team, which meant we were slowly improving and were learning frommistakes. As a result, we traveled to Queenswood the following weekend, and we won a very good match 2-0. After this win, we all felt much better about the team, which then led us to win 6-0 against St Edmunds’ in early December on a very cold Saturday. Although the hockey term finished there, we didn’t stop training, and we all kept practising for the Essex Hockey Cup Day in March. Firstly, we played Saffron Walden, and they were a very talented teamwho showed us some impressive defending. After that loss, we played CCHS, and we were winning convincingly until they managed to score a few goals and hold us to a draw - overall though we came second in the tournament. I think the hockey season has been very interesting this year and we have all learnt about each other as a team and we have improved significantly. By Gracie Coppell U14A 79